Paradiset // Stockholm // Sweden

An entire deli counter filled with Raw Desserts!!
Another part of the counter filed with over ten delicious looking salads

My new year’s eve dinner from Paradiset

Sorry guys, yet another delicious place and it’s unfortunately not in Scotland! It’s in Stockholm but I figured the day you guys decide to visit you’ll at least know where to go because food is a very important part of any holiday.

Paradiset is an incredible place with a couple of units across Stockholm now. They’re essentially an all organic supermarket (sort of like Whole Foods I suppose but I seriously think Paradiset is way better) that’s quite health-oriented. You go in there and you have everything you would need for your grocery shop. You’ve got fruit and veg, an incredible deli counter filled with already prepared food and cakes as well as your fish and meat. There’s the cold section where you have dairy products and such. Then there’s cleaning products and all of that, as well as your natural supplements area.

My personal favourite part of the shop (considering I couldn’t do a massive grocery shop because I don’t live there, I would if I did!) was the deli. WOW! The deli of dreams. One part of the counter was just filled with raw desserts. I’ve never seen so many delicious looking raw desserts to choose fromin one place. Why I didn’t buy one to try I don’t even know but they sure looked good and I loved the idea of them selling this instead of normal cakes. The other part of the deli counter was filled with loads of incredible looking salads. I was in heaven, they all looked so good. There was also prepared skewers and veggie burgers and such. It all looked dreamy and I wanted it all.

The reason I was in Paradiset was to pick up some bits but also to get myself something for the new years dinner. I had been having a bit of dairy and fish during my trip in Sweden but my stomach did not agree with it at all because it’s not really as used to it as it once was so I felt I didn’t want to have stomach pains and I prefer to eat vegan when I can due to numerous reasons so I said to my cousins I would get my own food (I really don’t like to be a hassle!). Since I was leaving the next day for Glasgow I figured I’d just buy something instead of cooking. I ended up getting two of their veggie burgers (a beetroot one and a carrot one) and some of their salads. To bulk up I added spinach to it as well when I had my meal. I heated up the veggie burgers in the oven and oh wow. It all tasted insanely good. So much flavour and freshness. I loved it. Another reason to go to Stockholm, if not just for how beautiful it is, go for all the delicious food you can have. Seriously!

Anyway, how are you today lovelies? It’s Friday! Hope you’ve got some nice plans for the weekend. I’ve just had my breakfast and need to get ready soon to leave for the gym in an hour. The class doesn’t start until 9.45am but I walk down and it takes about 40 minutes or so, which is why I leave a bit earlier. Why not get some steps in? Later on today I’m going for a meeting and then Jamie is actually off tonight. I’m not sure what we’ll get up to but it’ll be nice to spend some time with him.

Have a great day!


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