My first days in Melbourne

My first glimpse of Melbourne

My fist Aussie breakie! So yum

We’ve had some sunshine but majority rain so far! Not very common everyone has been telling me

An incredible lunch at Oasis Bakery

The lovely main street in Hampton
Hello lovelies! Wow still can’t believe when I’m writing this title that I’m in Melbourne, I’m in freaking Australia. I’ve been dreaming about this for so long and now I’m in Jamie’s big brother’s and wife’s house here in a suburb just outside Melbourne with all their kids, living the Melbourne life. It feels like it all happened so quickly. I did not feel ready to leave and say bye to be honest but I don’t think you can ever feel ready to just pack up and leave for the other side of the world. There’ll always be something that you feel is holding you back. The 22 hour journey down was actually very pain free and I managed to sleep for a bit and stay awake for the latter part of it so I could sleep when I arrived in Melbourne at ten in the evening.

I was a bit nervous about the customs because I might’ve watched a few too many episodes of their border control but it was actually no problem at all. The most time consuming thing when I arrived was waiting for my two bags. It took forever because the plane was so big. Once I was all cleared and went through the doors to the arrivals hall I got a ride down to Hampton where they live and have been here since. Jamie’s big brother and wife have so kindly offered me to stay for a month whilst I get settled in. I can’t explain how grateful I am to have a place to land when everything is completely new and plus it gives us a chance to spend a bit of time together.

So far it’s been amazing! Okay the weather has been quite rainy and windy since I arrived but everyone keeps on reassuring me this is the worst it’s been for years and it isn’t like this at all usually. It is autumn so it doesn’t surprise me entirely that it’s a bit rainy. Although the beginning of today was just stunning!

Since I’ve arrived we’ve been out for a lovely breakfast and lunch. The food so far has been just as amazing as I thought it would be. Soooooo gooooood. I’ve spent loads of time with the kids. I’ve opened a bank account, applied for a tax file number which I’ll need when I got a job, we had a drive though the inner city of Melbourne and I’ve joined a Crossfit box nearby(I’ll be writing a separate post about that). This afternoon we spent a while on Brighton Beach. It was a bit windy and cold but it was really fun to see the famous beach huts there.

On the agenda now is to go exploring in the city, sign up to Medicare, get an Aussie phone number, find a job and eventually find a flat. It would also be nice to make some friends hehe.

Leaving Glasgow was a difficult move and I doubted my decision at times. I still wasn’t entirely convinced on the plane journey over. It was just so hard to leave everything behind. Now after a couple of days here I can say that I’m so happy I took the leap. Australia is just as amazing as I remember it from when I was here with my family when I was younger and I’m so excited to be experiencing it in my twenties.

It’s getting late here now and I need to get some sleep! The jet lag has been alright, one night I barely slept because I woke up and my body thought it was the middle of the day UK time, not two in the morning Aussie time… Other than that I have managed to sleep through the night. During the days I hit a slump in the afternoon but power though it.

Speak soon, M xxx

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