Sunday in Melbourne

Could Cleo have a future in photography?

Her asking me to smile for the camera haha

My first track session with some of the Red Bluff crew

Worked up an appetite and got this massive acai bowl at Acai Brothers! Crazy big.. 

Hello! Had a little mini-break yesterday from the blog due to lack of content. It’s tough trying to get photos when you don’t have your friends to ask haha. Faye I need you! Jokes aside, I’m trying my best to get some pictures for you and figuring out how to best do it. I’m just not sure what you want to see? Do you want to see more of Melbourne life or is it mainly health and fitness you want to see? I’m trying to do a bit of everything to mix it up. I think it’ll be a while until I’ll get some photos from training at the gym, I just find it really awkward taking photos when I don’t really know everyone that well yet and they might feel uncomfortable me just taking my phone and snapping away when they don’t know what it’s for. I hope you guys understand! I really am trying.

The oldest Cleo was playing around with my phone and got the black and white photos haha. I told her I might have to hire her haha. I think she did a pretty good job!

What did you think of the Royal Wedding? I thought it was lovely! They looked so cute and I loved how personal it felt with the mix of cultures and people all together in one place. It felt very unique. We stayed up quite late watching it at Nicola’s friend’s house. We went there pretty much straight after our Japanese feast. I ate so much I felt like a stuffed turkey but it was lovely so I just couldn’t stop.

Yesterday was a nice day. I went for my first ever track session with some of the Crossfit Red Bluff crew at Sandringham Athletics Club. I haven’t ran on a track since I probably had PE in school, so a long time in other words. It felt a bit nostalgic in a way. I was slightly dreading it as I had no idea how intense the session was going to be but I really wanted to give it a go. I was going to give it my best shot. I loved that some people brought their dogs along too. Dogs make everything better.

We started up with some warm ups around the track then we did three rounds of 1000m at a slow pace, 400m at a medium pace and then the final 200m fast with a minimum of a three minute rest in between.

Pacing is something I struggle with so it was a great exercise for me who can get a bit impatient running at a slower pace. I want to get it over and done with so I like to run fast. Like Dave the coach said it’s important to pace properly on each speed otherwise you have nothing left in your tank when you have to increase your speed, which is so true and I tried to be very conscious of the pace I was running in. You can’t run at the same pace for all distances, that would be inefficient. So this was a test on my patience. I was really proud of myself when I felt like I could keep up with the others and still pace at a level where I felt I could really run fast at the final 200 metres.

For me this first track session was more about feeling it out and see how I go. It wasn’t about doing my best workout ever, it was about learning something new and really making sure I’m running properly and being aware of what I’m doing. With the company of the others it was actually not bad at all, I might’ve even enjoyed myself a bit. We were all in it together, all at different levels and trying our best. It makes it a bit easier rather than doing it alone. I’m looking forward to seeing how my fitness improves with going to these programmed sessions. Another little something to work on! Maybe this is the beginning of “Madeleine Runs”? Not too sure about that but I’m excited to see whether my attitude towards will change as I feel like I’m improving. I’ll keep you posted.

In the afternoon I walked along the beach to Brighton, it’s a suburb right next to Hampton where I stay and it’s just a bit closer to central Melbourne. I walked along the main street there and sat down for an acai bowl at Acai Brothers. It was yuuuuummyyyyy and gigantic! I didn’t expect it to be that big when I ordered a regular. Somehow I still managed to eat it all… It was a bit rainy when I was walking around but I didn’t really mind. Lovely place Brighton!

Now I need to get ready. I was meant to go to the morning class at the gym this morning but was up late watching the European Crossfit Regionals and got a bit carried away so I’m going this afternoon instead. I’m heading soon to Albert Park with Nicola and the kids and then into town for a bit more wandering.

Have a lovely day and speak soon xxx

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