My first days in Melbourne

My first glimpse of Melbourne My fist Aussie breakie! So yum We’ve had some sunshine but majority rain so far! Not very common everyone has been telling me An incredible lunch at Oasis Bakery The lovely main street in Hampton Hello lovelies! Wow still can’t believe when I’m writing this title that I’m in Melbourne,Continue reading “My first days in Melbourne”

Proving Grounds 2018

Stella MCing away Brought salads because the food at these events is usually not great  Sprints and front squats  G5 support crew  Team Destined for Divorce (Ray J and  KJ) Team G5 Jerks (Adam and Julie) Super happy me! The final WOD And they were done! Falafel burger at Drygate with the team I gotContinue reading “Proving Grounds 2018”