Changing my view of my body

If you read my previous post about my relationship with my body, if not you can check it out here, you can probably tell it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster journey. There’s a couple of things along the way, which I think definitely has improved my mindset and led me to the more positiveContinue reading “Changing my view of my body”

Being happy but unhappy with your body

Oh this is one of those posts I’m a bit nervous about publishing because I really don’t want it to come off in the wrong way. Our relationship with and thoughts about our bodies are so personal but I feel like I need to bring this up as I think a lot of people goContinue reading “Being happy but unhappy with your body”

Youtubers to follow Part 2

Oh my god guys, the nerves are really starting to kick in. I woke up just before six this morning and I can’t believe tomorrow’s the day. We’re driving down to Manchester this afternoon!! I’ve struggled to sleep the past two days. Lots of thoughts flying about in my head which means I’ve been wakingContinue reading “Youtubers to follow Part 2”

The Redeemed and the Dominant Trailer

Oh yes! The trailer for the 2017 Crossfit Games is live and it looks so gooooood. If this doesn’t get you motivated to train hard I don’t know what will. It looks like they’re going to be talking quite a bit about the doping scandal last year, a guy called Ricky Garard who placed thirdContinue reading “The Redeemed and the Dominant Trailer”