My easy vegan tofu scramble

Tofu scramble has become one of my biggest food loves of my life. I love going to different cafes and trying out their big vegan breakfast, comparing and contrasting the different delicious they put on the plate. The tofu scramble on toast always being my highlight. For ages I’ve been trying to replicate some ofContinue reading “My easy vegan tofu scramble”

Vegan “Blueberry Banana Bread” protein oats

Wow, we’re here again. Who would’ve thought? The blog has once again been incredibly silent but for a moment like this, where I’m sharing my favourite oat recipe I thought it needed to be uploaded somewhere you can find it easily again. Whilst I am a massive fan of Instagram and I’m still fairly activeContinue reading “Vegan “Blueberry Banana Bread” protein oats”