Eat healthy in Melbourne

We all knew it was happening! Of course I needed to start my list of my healthy eating adventures in Melbourne. There’s too much deliciousness available to not do it! This list will be updated as regularly as I can. This is of course all my personal views, we all enjoy different types of food, but hopefully I’ll be able to help you find some great food experiences if you’re ever in the city.

Albert Park

Urban Projuice

Situated in gorgeous Albert Park, Urban Projuice serves up an amazing menu of not only healthy but incredibly tasty food. I’ve been twice and tried to order different things but I just can’t not order their pancakes, they’re up there as the best pancakes I’ve ever had and the vegan breakfast is pretty amazing too.


Acai Bros

When in Melbourne you of course need to try out all the acai bowls on offer! There are so many out there and I’m on a mission to find the best in the city. Acai Bros has a couple of units across Melbourne, this particular acai bowl I had in Brighton. I ordered their Ain’t “Nothin” Butter Bowl because it had loads of peanut butter in it and well, I’m obsessed with the stuff. Wow, wow, wow it was delicious! Their bowls come in two sizes, small and regular. I ordered the regular but with the toppings and everything it was massive! I still managed to eat it but I would probably order the small one next time, unless I’m starving hehe. Which let’s face it, I am a lot of the time, so maybe not…


Serotonin Eatery

The place that “deals in feels” and is “the world’s first happiness centre” are few of the many things Serotonin says they do and are. I absolutely love Serotonin. Everything about the place just screams happiness and fun. From the incredible interior design (you can enjoy your meal on a swing if you fancy) to the menu which is created specifically to enhance your mood and wellbeing. The staff are amazing and make you feel so welcome. It is slightly off the beaten track but worth getting yourself to, no doubt about it. Order their pancakes, the savoury waffle, the satay tempeh (it’s a side), the breakfast pizza… Okay everything I’ve tried so far has been incredible. Their peanut butter latte deserves a shout out too, why is this not a thing in more places? A little tip, on a sunny day you can borrow one of their picnic baskets and enjoy their food in the park across the road.

Central Melbourne

Laneway Greens

Quality ingredients, ethically and sustainably sourced. That’s the ethos behind Laneway Greens, found on Flinders Lane in central Melbourne. Their menu changes with the season and is a celebration of simple but absolutely delicious food. I’ve been twice so far and have had the same salad both times (I couldn’t resist), the Winter Vegetable Market Bowl with added falafel and it is delicious. A game changer is the black olive tahini dip that comes with it, wow!



I lucked out when we moved to Elsternwick and got Cocomamas as our neighbourhood joint. Their acai bowls are one of the best ones I’ve tried. I usually go for the classic in the regular size and add peanut butter and cacao nibs. How can you not love them when they give you that much peanut butter? That’s what I’m talking about! They also do other flavoured smoothie bowls, regular smoothies and some savoury, which I’ll admit am yet to try.


This brunch place with Japanese influences serves some of the best tofu scramble I’ve ever had, miso chilli scramble tofu. Mim and I were in heaven when we were munching on this dish. We added avo for good measure. I haven’t yet had a chance to go back and try anything else off there menu but am sure I will in the future.


Sebastian’s Food & Wine

My first Aussie breakfast experience so it’s always going to be special! I was incredibly jet lagged, barely had a clue of where I was and all wanted I was breakfast. If I’m not eating porridge for breakfast I absolutely love loads of greens with sourdough toast and that is what I got. I think this dish is called Breakfast Island Greens and instead of eggs I had it with avocado and it was so fresh and delicious. It doesn’t come with bread so I asked for some on the side.

The Hampton’s Bakery

I walked past this place so many times thinking it looked great and then eventually made it in, it did not disappoint! Can we maybe see a slight trend in what I’m ordering? Once again loads of greens… Originally this dish had eggs with it but because of my mainly plant-based ways I asked to change it for avocado, then I added mushrooms (I can’t get enough of mushrooms, I don’t know what it is) and then a slice of wholemeal sourdough when I was at it. It did come with yoghurt in the end but oh well, I tried. This dish was like music to my tastebuds (can you say that?).

Holy Bowly

Holy mole! I sure love Holy Bowly. Conveniently only a short walk from where I currently live and they specialise serving up healthy and delicious food. Talk about meant to be! Yet again, I got drawn to the dish with all the greens. This time a breakfast bowl of greens with tempeh. Tempeh I always find is a an absolute it or miss. Some can taste really bitter, this tempeh was lovely and this dish overall was so yuuuum. Read the blog post from one of my visits here.


Vegan Shack

This food is not only a joy to eat but also beautiful to look at. I have been to this place quite a few times by now and it’s always fun seeing the owner Jansen and having a chat. Vegan Shack has got that beach feel which hits you as soon as you step through the door. You can tell the food is made by people who is passionate about making delicious creations and you pretty much can’t go wrong no matter what your order. If you can’t make up your mind I will say the vegan breakfast, the peanut butter and banana toastie and the breakfast tacos are all incredible! There used to be a satay toastie on the menu which unfortunately got taken off when they changed it up.

South Yarra

Little Green on Chapel

I stopped by for lunch when I was wandering down Chapel Street for a bit of shopping. They offer a variety of veggie meals and I couldn’t make up my mind. In the end I went for their falafel bowl and it was lovely. Probably some of the best falafels I’ve ever had. Super flavourful. A bit on the small side so I also ordered a peanut butter smoothie with added protein powder which was a hit as well.

St Kilda

Il Fornaio

I love love love this place. One of the first places I visited when I first arrived in Melbourne where I had my first scramble tofu experience. It was mind blowing. You need to go! Here‘s my blog post from my visit.

Sister of Soul

If you go here please promise me you’ll order the Massaman curry. It is unlike anything else. I’ve had their other dishes but this one stands out for sure. I’ve been here celebrating birthdays, after competitions and for a date. I’ve been here at lunch time and for dinner. I think it’s great they’re open at night serving the veggie crowds of Melbourne. I do really like the bibimbap which can be made vegan if you leave the egg out and the stir fry with satay sauce.

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