Eat healthy in Glasgow

This is a list of my favourite places to have a healthy meal in Glasgow. It’s a working progress so I’ll add more as I continue eating my way through Glasgow. I’m always looking for new places to try out and love sharing it with you guys. Word of warning, there may be a lot of avocado on toast going on… Not that it’s a bad thing.

photo-31. Martha’s

One of my absolute favourite place for lunch in Glasgow. They do fast food in a healthy way. I LOVE their oven baked falafel with one of their salads. Their veggie curry is amazing too for a more hearty and warming option during the colder months.



2. Kember & Jones

This deli has been a favourite of mine for years. My favourites on their menu is their goats cheese salad and their feta and kale salad. Both are incredible and the portions are really generous. Beware, they have a huge cake counter so approach with caution! They are absolutely amazing by the way… Yes I’ve fallen for that trap… Their parsnip cake is incredible (perhaps not in the healthiest way but sometimes you need to eat for the soul). They do switch their cake options up a lot so I’m not sure how often they serve it.


3. Singl-end

This place is only a ten minute walk from me so it’s safe to say, I’ve been there a couple of times by now. I’ve actually only ever had their full vegan breakfast and I just can’t choose anything else. It’s way too tasty! One of the best in Glasgow. Their cake display is also huge with loads of vegan options. Here’s my blog post from one of our visits.


4. Café Strange Brew

This small and cosy café in the southside of Glasgow was a recent find of mine on Facebook and Jamie and I finally got to visit it recently. The girls in their are so lovely and the food is heaven. I had their vegan breakfast and it’s my favourite at the moment in the entire of Glasgow. I wish there was an easier way to get to the southside so we could go there more. They serve matcha latte and it made so happy. I’ve seen them post photos of raw vegan cakes from Blitz Juice Bar and Laurianne’s Raw Cakes which they sell in their café. Lovely spot!


5. Coconut&Kale

Coconut&Kale was started by two friends of mine. Their raw cakes are the best cakes I’ve ever had and I keep on telling them they’re magicians in the kitchen. They also make divine raw food. I’ve tried their pizzas, salads, lasagnes and lots of other tasty dishes and never once been disappointed and I’m not just saying this because they’re my friends. Unfortunately they don’t have a unit at the moment but you can order their food through their social media pages. One day I hope they will! Here’s a post with more of their creations.


6. Papercup

You can never go wrong with Papercup. Their West End unit almost always has a queue out the door. Luckily they recently opened an East End unit too. I’ve tried both and they’re incredible. I love their avocado toasts with poached eggs and their hummus and halloumi sandwich is insanely good. They’re experts at coffee and serve great teas and smoothies too. Here’s an old blog post from one of my many visits there.


7. Wilson Street Pantry

Delicious breakfasts, brunches and lunches are served here. Not as vegan friendly as a lot of other places on this list but their stuff is tasty. First time I went here I had their eggs royale, now with me eating less and less fish and meat I tend to go for their avocado toast with poached eggs. It’s crazy the amount of stuff they manage to fit on those giant slices of sourdough bread (not that I’m complaining). Blog post from my first visit right this way.


8. Picnic

Picnic is Glasgow City Centre’s first vegan café with lots of healthy options. The staff here are always so lovely and they serve tasty dishes like baked sweet potatoes with a choice of humus or chilli filling, raw vegan cakes, smoothies and salads which change daily. I love the colourful interior and it’s central location making it a perfect lunch stop when you’re running about town. Here is a blog post from one of my visits.

9. Juice Warrior

Okay okay, I’ll put my hands up and say that Juice Warrior is unfortunately not a healthy eating place in Glasgow but in Edinburgh. In my defence, they are Glaswegian at heart. I’m struggling to forgive them for that as I now need to justify paying for the train there and back to get one of their incredible smoothies 😛 Safe to say it doesn’t happen very often. Juice Warrior is hands down my favourite healthy place in Scotland. It’s all organic and vegan. If they had a place in Glasgow, I would live in there and also be broke. So perhaps it better that they are over in Edinburgh so I can afford rent and stuff…

10. Lean Canteen

Ever since I saw Lean Canteen was opening up in the Shawlands I have patiently waiting for them to open up their doors. I can’t believe the amount of places focusing on serving healthy and nutritious food that are starting to pop up across the city. It’s amazing and I really hope this is just the beginning. Lean Canteen’s food is not only healthy but super flavoursome. Their vegan massaman curry is insane and the salads I’ve tried are not any boring old salads, each of them is a taste experience. Same goes for the juices, smoothies and acai bowls. Lean Canteen is one of my latest favourites and if it was closer to the West End I would be a very regular customer.


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