Vegan Eats in Sydney

Over the Christmas days I decided to escape Melbourne and skip Christmas, or at least spend it on a beach. I ended up booking flights to Sydney and a hostel in Bondi. Only after booking it was I told how popular Bondi is for Christmas. Apparently it’s very popular to go there. I had no idea!

One of the main things I was excited about was trying out the vegan food scene up there. Oh boy, I sure ate my way around Sydney and especially Bondi. Of course I wanted to share my foodie adventures. So here it is, my mini guide to Sydney and Bondi. There were too many places to go to and not enough meals (or funds) to get even remotely through them all.

Bondi Beach

Vida Surf Shop

Vida Surf Shop has an awesome surf/ beach shack vibe. Not only serving up delicious food but also selling surf gear. I tried their acai bowl, hands down one of the best ones I’ve ever had. I wish I had had time to go back to try more of the menu but that one visit will be remembered for a long time. I still think about that delicious smooth acai at times. I added protein powder to mine to feel fuller for longer plus peanut butter because no acai bowl is complete without it.

Cha Chas

There is a heaven on Earth and I think Cha Cha’s is one of them. Their vegan ice cream is out of this world. Refined sugar free and made out of cashews a lot of people might rule it out as being boring without having tried it. I can reassure you and say their ice cream is some of the tastiest ice cream I’ve ever had. Incredibly creamy and full of flavour. Bondi, I’m jealous you’ve got Cha Cha’s just a short walk from the beach. Please come to Melbourne! I can really recommend their peanut and bounty flavours.

Conscious Feast

Tanya is Simon Hill of Plant Proof’s other half. She recently started a food venture out of Preach Cafe, taking over their unit in the evenings for sit ins and take away. My friends Christian, Sam and I went there for dinner their last night and did not disappoint. We had the nachos, falafel burger and Plant Proof bowl. All absolutely delicious. Very generous servings as well. Even Sam who eats meat was a massive fan of all the dishes. I couldn’t pick a favourite. I was back for a takeaway my last night in Bondi and tried their Mexican bowl which was a taste sensation as well. Recently they announced they are moving into their own venue very soon. Might just have to book a trip back to Bondi just to go to their new space.


One thing there is not a shortage of around in Sydney are poké bowls, to my great delight. I love poké bowls and Nudefish, just a short walk from Bondi Beach was so delicious. Perfect to pick up on your way down to the water. I can’t get enough of poké bowls. I wish we had a place near us in Melbourne.


San Antonio Sourdough Bakery

One of the days during my stay in Bondi the crew (Christian, Sam and myself) decided to take on the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk. We arrived at our destination just in time for lunch and were wandering the streets looking for a veggie friendly feed. We stumbled across San Antonio Bakery and thought it looked lovely. To our delight there were plenty of vegan options and we decided to give it a try. It was delicious the dish we had. I couldn’t make up my mind between the veggie sanga or Buddha bowl but we all went for the Buddha bowl in the end. A great shout because it was incredible. That pumpkin, I don’t know what they did with it but yuuuum!


Momo Bar

This poké bowl place is found tucked away in a little square on one of the side streets on the way down to the beach from the ferry. It was my former colleague Mi, who we met up with in Manly who had suggested us go there. There are some suggested poké bowls on a menu but it’s mainly like a Subway where you create you own bowl. It was very tasty! Always add seaweed salad, tofu and avocado to your poké bowl people.


Gathered Kitchen

A vegan bakery and brunch place in the cool area of Glebe. I loved the vibe in this neighbourhood and it reminded me a bit of London actually. Gathered Kitchen is just on the main street there. I was tempted by all their sweet treats but ended up just having one of their dishes when I was there. I couldn’t choose between one of their amazingly looking bagels or “Breakfast at Vinny’s”. The staff had to help me decide in the end, “Breakfast at Vinny’s” it was. This is why I need to go and eat with others so I can try more dishes when I’m visiting places haha. Major FOMO!

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